ALLIANCE was initiated and founded by Australia China International Cultural Exchange Society (ACICES). It is also a competitive strategic alliance established by ACICES and numerous prestigious universities of China and Australia.

ALLIANCE aims to manage articulation programs developed by ACICES, facilitate the development of projects and ensure their successful implementation. ALLIANCE takes up the establishing a diversified educational platform, promoting the world-class education in Australia and cultivating talents with international experience and global vision as its missions. ALLIANCE has been working on maximizing the benefits of Australian and Chinese institutions as well as Chinese students, making full use of the academic resources to share and complement with each other, and also exploring fresh opportunities for students to study in Australia by providing them with the safest and fastest access. Students will be able to receive internationally recognized education and motivated to unleash their full potential, realizing a high-quality, rewarding and meaningful life.

ALLIANCE works jointly with prestigious universities to provide Chinese students with programs in multiple modes, including short-term Study Abroad and Study Tour programs, and long-term articulation programs. ALLIANCE is fully supported by Australian and Chinese institutions, and continuously welcomes more well-known institutions from both countries.

In the future, ALLIANCE will continue to expand the platform for cooperation and exchange between Chinese and Australian universities, and keep innovating high-quality Sino-Australia collaboration in higher education.

Key Members of ALLIANCE
Major Programs

Bachelor to Master Program

Main Cultivation Mode: 3+2, 3+2.5, 3+1, 3+1+1, 4+2 Disciplines: Engineering, Business, Translation, Media, Construction, Laws and so on Learn More...

Dual Master or Master Program

Main Cultivation Mode: 1+1+1,1+1 Disciplines: Business (including Finance, Accounting and etc.), Laws and so on Learn More...

Dual Bachelor Program

Main Cultivation Mode: 2+2 Disciplines: Business (including Finance, Accounting, Management and etc.), Computer and so on Learn More...

Short-term Exchange Program

Main Cultivation Mode: 1-2 short-term exchange Purpose: Mutual recognition of credits, allowing students of all majors to experience overseas study and life. Learn More...

Academic and Cultural Exchange Program

A 2-5-week study tour to Australia allows students to experience a variety of Australian campus life, outdoor activities and meaningful voluntary work as well as general education and academic courses in prestigious Australian universities. Learn More...

Our Strengths

Brand Advantages

Partnering up with renowned Chinese and Australian universities and providing first-class and internationally recognized education experience.

Degree Advantages

Obtaining accredited bachelor’s and master’s degrees from prestigious Chinese and Australian universities via our articulation programs.

Advantages of Major

Collaborating in majors that are the key disciplines and internationally accredited of Chinese and Australian universities.

Teaching Advantages

Providing exclusive international education model and platform and benefiting students by the outstanding teaching resources in China and Australia.

Advanced Study Advantages

Australian universities incorporating a variety of practices and research opportunities in undergraduate and postgraduate courses, which lay a solid foundation for students to pursue further studies.

Employment Advantages

Becoming talents with global vision and excelling in the global job market.

Management Advantages

Providing full support at home and abroad alongside with the Three-in-One Platform.

Visa Advantages

Up to 40 hours for part-time job every two weeks and no limit on holidays, with advantages of applying for two to three years of work visa after graduation.


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